how we help sellers

Selling a home is a complicated process. How do you get the end result you really want. Many sellers have different needs and want different outcomes, it isn't just about getting the home sold. Selling a house is about how to get the best price 

Marketing mavericks

Husband and wife team, Matt and Nicki Mizell are the backbone of the marketing department for Out of the Box Properties. Nicki is an experienced real estate advisor and Matt is an experienced corporate executive with a passion to tell stories. Together they work with the agents on the team to craft marketing strategies to help sell their clients listings.

Creative solutions

You can't just put a home on the market these days. It takes a bit of an imagination and creativity to stand out. Our advisors use a variety of marketing and sales tactics to help our clients sell their homes or properties. We have successfully sold some pretty unsellable houses with our creative solutions.








Check out Mansard Magazine, a property specific magazine designed to help sell a property that fell into disrepair.

Market knowledge

Our advisors stay up to date on the changing market. We research the many areas we service to help our clients get the best outcome. By collaborating together as a team we share insight and knowledge about our experiences and research.

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