how to be Out of the BOx

Our small, tight-knit, and fun-loving team is led by the exceptional Lori Sharpsteen, who boasts 30 years of experience in managing high-performing teams. Lori's dedication to generating quality leads and providing personalized one-on-one coaching ensures that each team member is equipped for success. 


We pride ourselves on fostering an inclusive environment that encourages diversity of thought and culture. Under Lori's guidance, our team members are empowered to discover their passion within the real estate market and turn it into a lucrative business. 


Whether you're an automotive enthusiast, an artist, a local influencer, or simply seeking to leverage connections within your neighborhood, Lori's expertise will help you establish yourself as a real estate authority in your chosen niche. 


Being apart of the team means you get robust training in sales and real estate business. Our coaching will have you on the path to being a productive agent. Weekly meetings mean that you don't have a chance to get off track.


Our in house marketing team is able to work along side you to create any marketing strategy you can dream up.  We have the ability to make videos, postcard campaigns, social media posts, and in depth lead generation campaigns.


Being apart of this team means you get one on one support in a casual environment.  With two offices, one in St Charles and one in South City you can meet with the team weekly to get where you want to be.

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Lori Sharpsteen