Why out of the Box?

Through creative marketing, extensive experience, and diverse backgrounds, the agents at Out of the Box Properties are able to successfully help our clients achieve their goals of buying or selling a home.


Team Leader/Broker Salesperson

At the Helm with Data-Driven Leadership and Powerful Networks.


Real Estate Advisor

Elevate Your Home Sale with a Turbocharged Agent Who Knows the Real Estate Fast Lane.


Real Estate Advisor

Altering your Real Estate journey is as simple as adding a touch of dazzle to your day.


Real Estate Advisor

Mining Your Real Estate understanding that every transaction is specific to your individual needs.

business support

With Out of the Box our advisors get one on one sales and marketing support. We have an in house marketing team that works to help the Real Estate Advisors craft individualized messages by using video, social media, customized message campaigns and event management. Our advisors don't have to spend additional resources to help market your property, because its part of being in Out of the Box Properties.  The advisors also meet regularly to talk about their business model, keeping track with their goals, and how they can find ways to better serve their clients. In short, we don't want our agents to be left in the dark.


Here is a property video the team created together.

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