Who we are

REALTOR Team reimagining the American Dream of homeownership. We use a creative mindset with our professional experience to cultivate a home buying, selling, and building experience.

Do you have an out of the box idea of what you want to live in? We want to help you make it a reality.

You want a team that can help you buy or sell a conventional home? We have the expertise for that too.

Buying and Selling

Do you have a home or need one? We can help curate a buying and selling process that is best suited for you and your lifestyle. Our team is dedicated to help the client achieve their dreams. Each agent takes their time to really understand what the client's end goal is and then creates a program to get the best results. They check in often to ensure goals are being met. Interested in hearing about what a curated selling/buying program would be for you? Contact us via phone, text, email or Facebook

Investing and Renovations

Are you an investor looking for a great partner in real estate who can help you succeed? Have you been interested in renovating a house to make it your own? Look no further that Out of the Box. We use creative problem solving and a long list of reliable partners to help with all your needs. If you are a new or experienced investor who wants an agent who will crawl amongst the cobwebs and broken plaster to look at a property with you, we have an agent for you. If you need someone to help visualize what your project or home will look like after a renovation, we have an agent for you.

Unconventional Living

Not everyone wants to live in a 'normal' house, that's where we come in. If you want to live in a Tiny Home, Container Home, or Repurpose a building we are here for you.

Want to connect? Find us here.

Phone: (314) 858-6034

Email: lori@outofthebox.properties

Office: 888-455-6040